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Honey - Summer Wildflower
Grower: Beehaven Bees
Price: $12.40 ( 1 Pint (23-24oz) )
Available (Exact): 9

Unprocessed. This honey includes later blooming trees and flowers on the farm. The honey is a darker color, and has ... more
Wildflower Honey, Half Pint
Grower: Beehaven Bees
Price: $6.70 ( Half pint, 11-12 oz )
Available (Exact): 12

New jars. SAME amount. UNPROCESSED! Please note our honey is raw, unprocessed honey. Extracted May/June 2021. We plant for the ... more
Wildflower, Pint
Grower: Beehaven Bees
Price: $12.40 ( Pint, 23-24oz )
Available (Exact): 10

UNPROCESSED! Please note our honey is raw unprocessed honey. We plant for the bees in every season growing blueberries and ... more