Classic City Gourmet Mushrooms


We are a small local mushroom farm specializing in growing gourmet and medicinal mushrooms for ourselves and our neighbors. We love growing, cooking, and eating mushrooms! We also enjoy sharing what we know with our customers and learning from them in turn.

At Classic City Gourmet Mushrooms our mushrooms are grown, not foraged. We use a combination of indoor and outdoor mushroom growing. Some varieties such as shitake, winecaps, turkey tail, maitake, and blewits are grown in outdoor mushroom beds. The majority of our mushrooms, however, are grown in climate controlled indoor grow rooms.

We do not use chemicals in any of our growing processes with the exception of sanitizing surfaces with either alcohol or diluted bleach. We strive to move towards sustainable growing practices. Some mushrooms are grown in reusable food grade buckets, while most are grown in oxo-biodegradable mushroom grow bags.

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