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ICOOK_IEFORYOU is a Home based, Homemade, Licensed by the State of Georgia Cottage Food Industry, gourmet baked good business. All products are freshly baked. ICOOK_IEFORYOU gives access to Gourmet Bakery product, which are bigger, richer, tastier, and fresher than any Gourmet Dessert Restaurant or Bakery. Our packaging is eco-friendly, and our pricing is below industry standard pricing. When you buy double, you can freeze the other. Our customers talk about taking their products out of the freezer, and how good and fresh they are. We have over 30 years experience in baking. Our unique combination of ingredients is both a sight and taste sensation. It is our greatest desire that our customers have the ultimate baking experience. We are a State of Georgia LLC, Business licensed by ACC, a Federal Tax paying entity, and a vendor in good standing at the West Broad Farmers Market Garden, since their first season in May 2013. We cater, and sell larger family size items. You may see our products on Instagram under icook_ieforyou. Please call or email us for pricing. ICOOK_IEFORYOU is Trademarked by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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